ELMAK®- 43 Years in Water Systems and Devices

The specialist for innovative Water Technology
and energy saving technology since 1978

We specialize in:                   the physics and chemistry of water in operating systems
Technical Water Systems


as an energy transporter
as a universal solvent
for living and life
in which water can operate optimally

 is an easy-to-handle substance...
 ... if you know its qualities (and work along with them).

Our Range of Abilities
Water as a heat transporter:

Water for human consumption:
Water for technical purposes:   
in cooling towers, cooling water systems, temperature control circuits, central heating, steam systems, motors, air conditioning etc.
in drinking water – cold or heated
in pure water systems, softened water, desalinated/osmosis treated, legionella protection.

Manufacturing and Planning:
System Construction:
cooling tower systems, cooling water systems, chilled water systems, central heating systems.
Devices: vacuum degassers, degassing filters, deep bed backwash filters, precision filters, temperature control circuit suppliers, pressure control for hermetic circuits (HVAC, cooling systems.)
softeners, deionizers, osmosis, dosing systems
make-up + system separation, pressure boosting
Controllers: control units, electronic and conventional for complex water systems, concentration controllers for cooling towers, salt controllers for feed water, centralized leak detection
Water Treatment Chemicals: inhibitors, hardness protection, biological protection,.
Analysis: testing reagents for water analysis, laboratory kits for operational monitoring, documentation
User Education: customer education for in house system monitoring

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